About the Project

Bolot Bochkarev, Yakutsk, Russia

Hello! My name is Bolot Bochkarev.

I’m based in Yakutsk, Russia. It’s a capital of the biggest region in Russia’s Siberia & Far East.

I used to be a journalist. Now I’m a blogger, photographer, fixer, travel expert, etc.

This is my attempt to restore the project, that was initially called AskYakutia. Two years ago, I have lost the AskYakutia domain and its content. Now I’m coming up with a new name.

If you are searching specific information about Yakutsk and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia, and can’t find it, feel free to ask me a question. I’m not a god, but will try my best to answer you.

BTW, follow me on:
– Twitter (@yakutia),
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– YouTube (@bolotbootur).
– Facebook (@AskYakutsk).